Beware of Mosaic Menswear owner Mike Davis

This article is about the time I did business with Mosaic Menswear owner Mike Davis.

On July 20th, 2016, Mike Davis contacted me about doing business on one of my websites.


A few months later, we finalized all of the details, payment information, coupon code, links, etc.


The agreement we made was to put up a sponsored post on 3 of my websites two different times. So, just as agreed, I did just that. Here are the 1st round of sponsored posts on November 9th, 2016:

Then here are the 2nd round of sponsored posts on November 11th, 2016:

After the work was completed, I thanked Mike Davis for his business and told him to have a great weekend.

I thought all was good, until I get a charge back notification On November 23rd, 2016 from PayPal. Mosaic Menswear owner, Mike Davis issued a charge back through his credit card company.

I sent PayPal all of the proofs and screenshots of the transaction, but PayPal had to reverse the transaction while they deal with the credit card company because: “We have reviewed the case. Because you have not met Seller Protection performance requirements, the transaction will be reversed. The case is now closed.”

So, unless Mike Davis’ credit card company deems this transaction as invalid, the charge back will likely stay. So, Mosaic Menswear basically got free sponsored posts and promotion for me, and then wasted my time and caused a charge back. What a scumbag. Beware of doing business with this guy!

Here is his contact information. Beware if he ever contacts you:

Mike DavisPersonal Facebook
Mosaic Menswearwww.mosaicmenswear.comFacebookInstagramPinterest

Just in case his wife tries to contact you, I would steer clear from Chelsi Bessey Davis as well. Here is a link to her Facebook.

Here is a photo of the scumbag Mike Davis:


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