Read this before you work with Steven Estep

This article is about the time that Steven Estep worked for me. He is a true scumbag!

Sooo… where do I even begin with this character? Steven Estep, who also goes by the alias “The Trend Guys” used to do work as a freelancer for me. The Trend Guys is some tiny website that Steven owns that never took off. I’ve paid him around $40,000 over the time that he’s done work for me. Not only did I hire him at a time when nobody else would, but I sent him Christmas gifts, and even got him a book deal.

Let’s fast forward to present time. Steven starts getting lazy and isn’t doing all of the work anymore. He had a few simple tasks, such as writing a couple of articles a day for a couple of my websites, and handling social media.

Steven stops doing the social media for 2 weeks. When I asked him what the deal is, wanna know what his reply is? He forgot. Yep, that’s right. He’s been doing this for over a year, and he forgets all of a sudden? OK…

Steven Estep also worked on 3 of my other sites – (“CBS”), (“MOI”), and (“SD”).

He had 3 simple tasks a day: write 3 articles on CBS, 1 on MOI, and 1 on SD.

I start to see that Steven starts slacking on CBS. He’s only starting to write 2 articles a day, while I’ve been paying him to do 3. So I have him stop working on CBS.

Steven’s articles on MOI are becoming pretty much junk. MOI is a website about optical illusions, so he’s supposed to be writing about optical illusions. Instead, he is just writing about funny and viral images. I contact him several times about this, but he’s still never able to grasp this concept. In addition to this, Steven also starts posting the articles late in the day or at night, which obviously doesn’t sit well with our loyal followers.

Some might think I’m crazy for allowing Steven Estep to work for me so long with this horrible work ethic, and hell, you guys might be right! Something obviously needs to be done, so I emailed Steven letting him know that I will no longer be needing him anymore. I also sent him his final payment, so he is all paid up to that point. Steven didn’t seem surprised at all. In fact, he said he knew this was coming.

Even though he knew this was coming, Steven is pretty angry that I didn’t give him a notice of some sorts. Understandably, I let him know that I couldn’t risk him having all my account passwords, which any normal person would also do. Steven starts blabbering about how trustworthy he is and how he would never do anything with my passwords, and that I should have given him a notice. He also starts blabbering about how he thought we were friends, how he’s going have to tell his girlfriend he’s fired, and starts begging me to have a phone conversation with him. I kindly let him know that I am not having a phone conversation with him, and that I’ve already emailed him my reasons for getting rid of him (there was a lot of reasons!) In fact, here is that email.

So, a few days pass, and I get an email from Twitter saying one of my passwords to one of my websites was changed. UGH! I forgot to change one of the passwords that Steven Estep had. I immediately know that Steven changed the password because he also added the phone number 304-719-8760 on the account. Steven’s phone number is 304-561-5618. They both have the same West Virginia area code, so obviously I know it’s Steven. I confront Steven about this, and he starts acting like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I reply back that he has 5 minutes to give me back my Twitter account, or I’m going to post this article about him. Hours pass and Steven still doesn’t want to give me my account, so I manage to get it back from Twitter myself.

Isn’t it funny how things work out? I told him that I couldn’t give him a notice because I couldn’t trust him with my passwords. He tells me how trustworthy he is and how he would never do anything with them. Then, look what happens. HAHA! I’m glad I have such good judgment for such shitty character. I try to be nice and hire somebody when nobody else will, I pay them about $40,000, I send them Christmas gifts, I get them a book deal, and this is how this guy repays me?

By the way, Steven Estep was already in the process of messing up my Twitter account. The account has over 40k followers, so it’s pretty valuable. He starts changing everything on my Twitter account from CBS to The Trend Guys. Thankfully, I was able to get the account back in time before he started messing with it more.

Now that I have the Twitter account back, Steven Estep jumps onto Skype and is now scared I’m going to post this article. I tell him to get lost and then blocked him.

So now Steven gets his friend, Faron Brown to message me on facebook saying that Steven isn’t in the right state of mind and that I should forgive him for hijacking my Twitter account, and basically just blabbing on about random stuff I don’t care about. I tell him my reasons for posting this article, and Faron Brown tells me to eat shit, calls me a fag, and threatens me by saying he’s going to “see me soon” and then blocks me.

Moral of the story: Beware of scumbag Steven Estep. When you fire him for working like shit, he’ll try to mess with your accounts and then he’ll have his girlfriend Faron Brown threaten you over facebook!

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